Recipient of high praise in the 1976, Angler's Club of New York Bulletin, the Jenkins Signature Cane rod is available in limited quantities. Despite the rod's exceptional finish and understated beauty, it is foremost designed and built to be used. Customers continually comment on its superior casting ability. Tested and enthusiastically approved by serious fly fishers, actions are basically standard dry fly - specializing in smaller rods for a lighter, more delicate presentation.

Keeping with the philosophy that simplicity is its  own form of beauty, this oven tempered rod is inscribed with the serial number on the guide flat and Jenkins on the top flat and is fitted as follows: 

  • 6" bullet shaped grip

  • Bright nickel silver cap and ring reel seat with Cherry insert

  • Bright Swiss-Style ferrules

  • Bright chrome guides and tip tops

  • Bright nickel-silver grip check

  • Ferrules wraps are dark chestnut brown while guide wraps are a translucent beige color

The rod includes an extra tip, cloth bag and forest green powder coated aluminum tube with brass anodized top and end cap. 

GA70L 7' 0" Light 2 Piece

3/4 Line

GA70 7' 0" 2 Piece

4/5 Line

GA756 7' 6" 2 Piece

4 Line

GA75 7' 6" 2 Piece

4/5 Line

GA79 7' 9" 2 Piece

4/5 Line

GA80 8' 0" 2 Piece

4/5 Line

Two line weights are listed as we feel that the rods will handle both, depending on the preference of the caster, length of cast, length of leader, wind, etc.

A nickel agate stripping guide is available for an additional $35.00

Signature Cane Rods